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Student Scholarship Updates

The Arts Foundation has offered scholarships to American Canyon students almost from the very beginning of our existence. In the early years, we provided modest scholarships to every high school that had American Canyon students.

However, once the American Canyon High School was built, we decided to focus on larger scholarships to just ACHS graduating seniors. The criteria has grown over the years, from just a student interested in a career in the arts and letting the High School select, to conducting our own interviews and adding a financial need to assist us in deciding how to allocate our limited dollars.

Pictured above is a slideshow of photos, depicting our scholarship recipients. Unfortunately, it is not a comprehensive listing, since some years we weren't able to get everyone together for the photo (think Covid-19).

In 2021, we were able to award four scholarships to the following individuals: Julio Garcia, Keiana Goon, Rommel Perez, and Ella Ranada. Each student had great passion about their art, whether it was film making, music, graphic design or the visual arts! We are happy to support these aspiring artists and look forward to their success.

It is even more heart warming when we get thank you notes in return. It certainly isn't required, but very much appreciated. Here is a note from Keiana Goon:

Hello Ms. Krueger!

I would just like to thank you for awarding me the Arts Foundation scholarship! I graduated yesterday and I just now realize that this is the start of a new chapter for me. I can admit that I have been feeling overwhelmed by the process of becoming an adult and figuring out what is next for me, however, I felt like receiving this scholarship told me that I was headed in the right direction. When I told my mom, she was very proud of me and it gave me confidence in what I should be doing. I feel so honored to be awarded especially because it came at a time where I was very uncertain and uncomfortable with myself. I will use this money to further my education and studies, in hopes of achieving my dreams!

Also, if you've read my webcomic, I hope you've liked it so far! Although I still have a lot to learn about many things, I can at least say that I try every day to get better at my interests. I plan to share some updates on my journey as well!

I cannot thank you enough! I hope your blessing to me will come back to you someday!

Keiana Goon

And here is one from Ella Ranada:

Dear American Canyon Arts Foundation,

Thank you for choosing me for the AmCan Arts Scholarship! It means a lot to me and I appreciate you supporting me as I pursue a career in music.


Ella Ranada

Periodically, we'll update this post with more photos, notes and other information.


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