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The Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month at the Chamber Welcome Center.



We are always looking for new members! To join, fill out and submit the online Membership Application. Pay your tax deductible dues online by clicking the PayPal button below.



Donations are very important to our Foundation as they help us in our charitable purposes. Contributions help us give school grants and scholarships, or to support public art in American Canyon.  


All donations are tax deductible. Click on the donation type you want to support (it's ok to do both!)



As an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, we need artists and patrons who want to help with our annual events, member programs, and our charitable activities.   If helping out on a regular or "as needed" basis is appealing to you, let us know. Send us an email or leave us a message at (707) 645-8840.


Scholarships & Grants


Public Art


The "earth" without "art" is just "eh."


You can also consider a sponsorship, either for specific events or as a matching sponsor.  Click here for more, or use the PayPal button to donate now!

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