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About Us

Our Mission

The American Canyon Arts Foundation strives to maintain, enhance and support the role of the arts in our community.


Our Background

The Foundation was established in 1992, and has produced visual, performing and cultural arts programs for the community ever since.


Today, we focus on providing value for our members, while also supporting the arts in our community and public schools. Our long term vision is to host a vibrant, thriving art center.


Our Objectives

  • To familiarize the public with the recreational, cultural and economic significance of the arts.

  • To encourage and promote local artists and performers.

  • To provide financial and other assistance to our public school arts programs.

Click here for our list of members. To become a member, go to our "join us" page.

Our Board of Directors

  • Mark Joseph, President/Treasurer

  • Clarence Mamaril, Vice-President

  • Cheryl Joseph, Secretary

  • Jonette McNaughton, VP

  • Roberta Labaw, Director

  • Ethan Sabee, Director

  • Joe McNaughton, Director

  • Eric Sabee, Director

  • Elizabeth Sabee, Director

  • Cherol Ockrassa, Director

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