current members


Below is an alphabetical listing of our current 2019 members.  Highlighted entries reflect either a link to their own sites or that they have taken advantage of a free page as part of their membership in ACAF.  If you want your entry highlighted or want to make any corrections, please send us a note.


A - G

Abeyta, Teresa

Ariza, Dennis

Atkinson, Jennifer

Barrero, Rolando

Beck, Brent

Birkholz, Terry

Bowlby, Francoise**

Bufalini, Lee

Buford, Lawrence & Nathell

Caldwell, Keith*

Christoffersen, LaDonna

Colon, Bernadette

Donnelly, Trisha

Dotti, Alice

Dykstra, Lynn

Ford, Maggie

Fouts, Gloria**

Fuqua, Laurine

Garcia, Leon & Eva

Goff, Elizabeth & Family

Griffin, Kathleen

* Life Members

** Board Members

H - L

Hadiah, Mariama

Hamilton, Ronald

Harris, Bob*

Hood, Ari**

Imlay, Joan


Johnson, Robert**

Jones, LaZena

Jordan, Reneemarie

Joseph, Mark & Cheryl**

Kenck, Alan & Pat

Knight, Brenda*

Krueger, Patti**


Labaw, Steve & Roberta**

Lane, Jody

Leary, Kenneth & Shirley

Lemos, Fran

Lloyd, Harriet


M - Z

Matson, Nance & Sutter, Sande

McLain, Jo

McNaughton, Jonette & Family**

Mitchell, Rina

Nabrynski, Joe & Nancy

Neumeier, Shanda

Nischal, Arvind**

Ockrassa, Cherol

Oro, Patricia & David**

Peterson, Janice

Sabee, Eric

Sellick, Janelle & Family

Tennyson, Chris & Family

Waxman, Bonnie*

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