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current members


Below is an alphabetical listing of our current members.  Highlighted entries reflect either a link to their own sites or that they have taken advantage of a free page as part of their membership in ACAF.  If you want your entry highlighted or want to make any corrections, please send us a note.


A -  I

Abeyta, Teresa

Ariza, Dennis

Beck, Brent

Birkholz, Thomas

Booth, Penny

Bowlby, Francoise

Bufalini, Lee

Bufford, Nathell & Lawrence

Caldwell, Keith*

Coloma, Farrah

Cortez, Stacy

Chiolero, Charlotte

Clark, Raquel Marie

Don Gato Band (Orlando Ramos)

Eagle, Chris

Ford, Maggie

Fouts, Gloria

Get With It Band (Lowell Stephenson)

Goff, Elizabeth & Family

Current, as of 2/23/2023

* Life Members

** Board Members

J - Z

Joseph, Mark & Cheryl**

Keep on Truckin' Band (Daniel Callnon)

Knight, Brenda*

Krueger, Patti**

Labaw, Steve & Roberta**

Leary, Kenneth

Lim, Dakota

Mamaril, Clarence**

Matson, Nance

McNaughton, Jonette**, Joe** & Austin

Morgan, Danny, Michelle, & Eliza Smiddy

Neumeier, Shanda

Richey, Toni

Rhorer, Jade

Sabee, Eric**, Elizabeth & Ethan**

Shake It Booty Band

Sutter, Sande

Waxman, Bonnie*

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