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General Sponsorship:  You can use the PayPal button to the right if you want to be a General Sponsor.  You will be recognized throughout the year, and the proceeds will be used to fulfill our charitable purposes.


In addition to simply making a donation, there are two types of sponsorships that may be of interest to businesses or individuals: Event and Matching.


Event Sponsorships, as the name implies, are linked to a specific event, such as the Art Extravaganza. Sponsors are recognized as part of the program.


Matching Sponsorships can occur when the business provides a product or service the Foundation needs, and the sponsorship is actually a discount for that service.  For example, we need printing services, so a matching sponsorship with a printing business might be 50% off any printing, up to a specific cap.


For more information, or to talk about making a contribution, use the contact form below.

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