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Art Extravaganza Rescheduled to October

2019 Best of Show, Janice Petersen's #25

With the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down everything for the next month or two, the Arts Foundation decided to reschedule our annual Art Extravaganza to October. More details will be forthcoming.

Meanwhile, spend your time indoors getting ready for our Fall event. The same categories we used in the past will continue:

  1. Acrylic/Oil (Contemporary/Abstract)

  2. Acrylic/Oil (Traditional/Realism)

  3. Watercolor

  4. Drawing/Pastel/Ink

  5. Photography

  6. Sculpture/Assemblage

  7. Other (Mixed Media, Collage, Printmaking, Computer Art, etc.)

Two other big changes. First, we switched back to our Community Art Show format, in which all art entered will be shown. Second, we are combining the Art Extravaganza with our new Youth Art Show (artwork limited to students only).

The show will be held at the American Canyon Community Gym, 60 Benton Way in American Canyon. We will be posting our revised Call For Art, but for now, take advantage of your indoor time to create!

Check back later for more info.

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