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Bon Voyage, Bonnie Waxman!

Bonnie Waxman is one of the founding members of the American Canyon Arts Foundation, and earlier this year, she relocated to Arizona, to live with her daughter. Bonnie was never one to grab the spotlight, but she was truly the rock that kept the Foundation going in the early years.

She was an artist, musician, photographer and secretary. Bonnie was also the Foundation's Historian, and thanks to her, there are several volumes of photos, news articles and flyers dating back to the original Art Extravaganza in 1992. She kept track of the development of the Foundation, through 2008. It's still available online here.

Here is just a sampling of some of the photos of Bonnie. And below are two excerpts from her going away party.

Bon voyage, Bonnie! Enjoy yourself! You certainly earned it!


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