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Results of the Membership Meeting

On Tuesday, May 14, we held a special membership meeting to discuss the Mission, Vision and Values of the Arts Foundation. We also discussed what goals, projects and priorities we should pursue.

It was a lively discussion, with ACAF President, Patti Krueger, welcoming the members and providing a brief overview. Then, Secretary-Treasurer, Mark Joseph, summarized the Foundation's current financial condition and membership numbers.

From there, we reviewed the current Mission, Vision and Values. There were minor tweaks to the first two, and the group agreed we need to do some serious editing relating to our Values (not so much changing them, but just how they are presented).

The main event was discussing what programs and priorities we should pursue. Many are part of our current workload, but some were new suggestions:

  • Grow our membership

  • Produce more shows

  • Get more member's artwork in local businesses

  • Bigger fund raisers (for example, a fabulous dinner gala)

  • More Public Art projects

  • More Arts & Culture

  • Collaborate more with other art groups throughout the North Bay

  • Improve our connection with our local schools, particularly art-related programs; and

  • Expand beyond the visual arts.

The next step is for the Board to review and discuss the findings and develop a new workplan. We may also solicit more feedback from our membership to help us in that effort, and possibly hold a second meeting.

Download a copy of the meeting minutes here.

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