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AmCan By the Bay - April 21, 2018

The Arts Foundation teamed up with the City, and the American Canyon Middle School's Art program to produce an exciting art project. Since it was an Earth Day event and the theme was reusing plastic, we developed an art project that used recycled plastic water bottles. We also reused an Oak Tree mural from an earlier event (remember--reduce, recycle, reuse).

With help from Jenifer Leahy, ACMS Art Teacher, we helped children craft beautiful flowers from the bottles. Used wine corks (it is Napa Valley, after all!) were fashioned into rolling hills, and voila! you have art. We hope to have this artwork on display--we'll keep you posted!

This was also a great opportunity to recognize our grant to ACMS Arts program to assist Ms. Leahy in buying more art supplies for her students.

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