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Pygmalion Art Contest Results!

We held our second Pygmalion Art Contest at the Chamber's Welcome Center, on Friday, August 2. We had a good crowd and everyone enjoyed light refreshments. We also used the reception to acknowledge the artists who have shown at the Welcome Center for the last six months.

What makes this contest so challenging is that you can only use the three colors that come with the kit--although mixing is encouraged, as well as any technique other than using an additional color.

This year we had seven entries, and based on votes from the people attending the event, our "People's Choice" winner was the same as last year--ROBERTA LABAW! Her painting of the red cardinal above, was the clear favorite. However, everyone's entries were very good, as the photos above will reveal. Roberta will receive a gift certificate to LaStrada Restaurant and a bottle of wine.

The other artists who participated included: Cherol Ockrassa; Chuck Fish; Gloria Fouts; Patti Krueger; LaZena Jones; and Francois Bowlby.

The other half of the reason for the reception was to recognize some of the artists that have shown at the Welcome Center for the last six months. Not all could attend, but we did get a chance to hear from Jonette McNaughton, Joey McNaughton, Robert Johnson, Bonnie Waxman; Bob Harris; Roberta Labaw; and LaZena Jones (who is our newest member, even if she hasn't had a chance to show yet!)

We also heard some welcoming remarks from Patti Krueger, ACAF President, updating the audience on our Community Mosaic Art Project and some of the planned art shows.

If you would like to have a show, please contact Cherol Ockrassa to make arrangements. If you think the Pygmalion Art Contest sounds intriguing, let us know and we'll keep you in the loop! We have some new ideas for future contests.

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