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Congratulations to our 2019 Scholarship Winners!

Each year the Arts Foundation awards scholarships to ACHS Seniors who want to pursue a career in the Arts. For the last two years, we have awarded two, $500 awards.

This year's winners are Robyn-Elizabeth Yan and Mailani Bull.

Robyn-Elizabeth Yan earned a 4.0 GPA and is active in sports, drama and Link Crew. She wants a career in Film & Television. She was a Valedictorian for her class and put in over 100 hours of community service, including the City's Coastal Cleanup, the Napa Animal Shelter and Attention: Napa.

Mailani Bull earned a 3.63 GPA and is active in the Christian Club and the Animation Club. Her goal is to become an Art Teacher. She received several academic and art-related awards. She volunteered over 40 hours at the Napa Animal Shelter and ACHS related programs, such as "campus beautification."

Most of the funding for these scholarships--as well as grants to our local schools--is generated from our annual Art Extravaganza.

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