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Fund Raising Efforts for the Community Mosaic Art Project

We are very excited about the support we have received for our Community Mosaic Art Project, and we wanted to thank our major sponsors to date!

We have received contributions of $11,000 from the following organizations:

  • Arts Council Napa Valley - $5000

  • City of American Canyon - 2000

  • AC Community Parks Foundation - $2000

  • AC Arts Foundation - $2000

We have also received donations of $500 or more from the following individuals:

  • Fran Lemos

  • Austin McNaughton

  • Mark & Cheryl Joseph

  • Beth & Andrew Goff

  • Patti Krueger

  • Nance Matson & Sande Sutter

Throw in some fundraisers and smaller contributions, and we are now over the $15,000 mark! THANK YOU!

We can always accept more donations and sponsors. You can go to our website and donate, as well as learn more about the project.

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