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Fundraising Successes to date for the Mosaic Project

We are very fortunate to have generous members in the Arts Foundation. Encouraged by President, Patti Krueger, several answered the call and donated $500:

  • Fran Lemos

  • Austin McNaughton

  • Mark & Cheryl Joseph

  • Elizabeth Goff

A $5000 grant from the Arts Council Napa Valley started the process. Others have pledged donations, and we will approach local community groups and other organizations to continue raising funds.

Our initial target was $11,000, but that number was increased after we evaluated just how large the project will be. Our new target is at least $15,000. Any group or individual that donates $500 or more will be recognized as part of the final project.

We are also planning a Youth Art Show to highlight our youngest artists as well as to help raise money for the project. The show will be at the new Boys & Girls Club Building (site of the mosaic project) on October 27-28.

For more on the Mosaic Project, click here.


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