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First Phase of Funding for the Community Mosaic Project

We're excited to announce the Arts Council Napa Valley has awarded the Foundation a $5000 grant, to help us plan, design, build and install a community mosaic for the new Boys & Girls Club.

The grant will get us almost halfway through to our goal of $11,000. The funds will go towards contracting with an artist to design the project and Nimbus Arts, who has done a number of community mosaics, and will help guide the project. Funds will also be needed for materials, promoting the project and refreshments for the community members helping to make the mosaic.

We are exploring ways to raise the remaining funds. Some will be simple and direct--approaching organizations and individuals for support. Others may be more involving, such as a Youth Art Contest, the proceeds of which would go towards the art project.

If you want to help, let us know. Send an email or leave us a message at (707) 645-8840.

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