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Graffiti ART at the NV Ruins & Gardens

Rescheduled for Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Napa Valley Ruins & Gardens may be the most unique and exciting spot in Napa Valley, with a century old abandoned cement works that is now a canvas for graffiti art.  We are offering four tours during the day in which you can see the site and learn about the project, enjoy the graffiti art that is already there, and actually meet the artists who have been commissioned to add to the inventory!


This is an outdoor event on uneven terrain.  Please wear appropriate clothing and sunscreen.  Because it is an abandoned site, safety precautions will be observed.  You will need to read and sign a liability waiver form.  Download the flyer.


Thank YOU to the 125+ people who attended the event!  We'll use this page to post event photos.

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