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community support


As a nonprofit charitable organization, our main focus is on serving the community.  We apply that focus to our public schools and the community at large.  We accomplish this through a number of programs and offerings, some of which are highlighted below.

student scholarships


Since the beginning of the Foundation, we have offered scholarships to students who want to pursue a career in the Arts. Starting in 2013, our scholarships are focused on a graduating Senior from our own American Canyon High School.  Here are our recipients:


  • Katherine Yu (2013)

  • Asia Ellington (2014)

  • Taylor Cleary (2015)

  • Ashley McLeod (2016)

  • Casandra Moya (2016)

public art


A community is often judged by the art and culture it provides.  Advocating for more public art in our public and private buildings and developments; and along our hiking trails and roadways enhances the community and provides opportunities for our local artists.


As a Foundation, we are working with the City to develop a public art ordinance. We helped raise funds towards the 9/11 Memorial for the City, and currently are working with others to explore more public art opportunities.


If you would like to help--or donate--please let us know by sending us a note.

community events


Over the years, we have hosted a variety of community events--from Friday Night JAM to Community Arts & Crafts Shows.  We often partner with the City and provide an artistic perspective--for example, our  Chalk Art Contest at Springtime or our "ArtWall" at the Fourth of July.

We also work with other community groups, such as our Parks Foundation, to provide art-related activities for the kids.  And, of course, we promote our diversity with  cultural events, such as Black History Month or our new Arts & Culture program.

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